Hey there!

I’m an indie game developer, who’s just about getting started.

There will be a lot of stuff on this site in the future. 😉

What’s new?

We made a new Skunny game in Unity! Premiere live 7/22/2019!

Some time ago I joined Dosgamerts Discord.
Then he made a random, “obscure” plattformer Stream and this was the exact moment I started thinking about making a new Skunny game:

3 month later, it’s done!

Join in the livestream on Dosgamerts YT-Channel on July the 22nd.

What’s Intrinia Studios?

That’s my company name for creating games, mods and other stuff.

Why Studios? How many people are involved?

The idea behind Intrinia Studios is, to have many people, with different talents, from all over the world working together on one single project, which they love.