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My 20th anniversary map as a tribute to Duke3D.



  • Duke3D Atomic Edition
  • Eduke32
  • Duke Plus Mod
  • High Resolution Pack

Started: 04.09.2013
Finished: 30.03.2016
Size:  1.065 MB

Once infected you can’t stop!

Once I got my claws on Duke3D, I couldn’t let it go. Back in 1996 I started to build maps in this game and somehow never stopped. Sadly, all of them got lost in time.

2013 I started again.

EDuke32 evolved and the polymere renderer seemed to be promissing. I thought I could finally make THE MAP I ever wanted. COOP based, on a large scale military base assault, using the latest features available for Duke3D.

I want it all!

High Resultion Pack and Duke Plus with Polymere seemed the way to go for the ultimate Duke experience. Combined with a big COOP map, holy crap! It’ll be epic! Or not? Big open map with multilevel buildings and you will be able to fly over them with a jetpack, that was something I allways missed in the original game. Why not build it now?

Your face, your ass, what’s the difference?

Eduke32 will run fine, no matter what, right? Wrong! If your map got big enough, Duke3D slows down to hell, with barely playable FPS. At this point (2015) I was thinking about cancelling the whole project. Multiplayer with EDuke32 was/is not available. The whole idea of the map went down into madness.

Why still making it?

….was the question I asked myself.

Because I can! Because I ever wanted to do! Because this was one of my childhood dreams!

And CPUs are getting faster…