Bio Menace 1-3 Cheat/Trainer for DOSBox 0.74-3


This Trainer is a program that manipulates the memory of another program and thus is potentially dangerous!
Your Anti-Virus will detect it as a thread therefore.

If used incorrectly it can corrupt data or worse!
I provide it without any warranty and I’m not responsible for any damages on your system that may occur by using it!

Trainer only works with DOSBox Version 0.74-3


How to use

  1. Disable your Anti-Virus
  2. Don’t use Norton Commander or any other File Manager before you start Bio Menace! (ExoDOS run.bat works fine!)
  3. Fire up Bio Menace 1-3 in DOSBox
  4. Run the Trainer in the ZIP and have fun cheating. 😉

Known Issues

  • Trainer doesn’t work if you start it before DOSBox
  • DOSBox will have glitches when the Trainer attaches
  • DOSBox will freeze if you forget to disable God Mode and restart the game again

Hacking and Development

The CT File is included in the download.
If you want you can download Cheat Engine from here and modifiy it.