Train of Destiny – Dev Blog #1

Hey ho everyone!

Since I haven’t posted any news about Train of Destiny for the last year (2021), I thought it would be a neat idea, to start a Dev Blog and let you know that…

I'm still working on it!

So, why haven’t there been any updates you ask, right?

  1. I’m working on this in my free time, so currently no more than 10 hours a week.
  2. I don’t want to show WIP that doesn’t look like something you can expect in the finished game, quality wise.
  3. I had to figure out and test a lot of basic things, like the overall level layout. And…
  4. I’m currently working on the graphic assets, which takes a long time, especially since I want them to be mostly tile-based and reuseable.

So what's the current state of the game?

The main level (aka the Train Station) is comming together nicely.
Background, Foreground and some details are already in the engine and it’s playable.

I build this up as the basic level for every train station with tilemaps.
This means, that I have to create lots of sprites for every variation of train station you will encounter ingame. So a lot of work now, only a few clicks later on.

I think I’m around 60% done with that.

Roadmap for 2022

My current estimates are like this:

  • finish first version of main level (Train Station) in Q1 2022
  • start work on Station level (Inside Train Station) in Q2 2022
  • start work on Train level (Riding the Train) in Q4 2022
  • Beta maybe in 2023
  • no release date yet, “When it’s done” 😉

That’s all I got for the moment, I hope I can show some nice teasers next year and hopefully some updates soon in this blog.

Thanks for reading and merry X-mas!

Skunny in Dostalgia Speedrun Edition released – play it now!

After releasing the spoof game “Skunny in Dostalgia” in 2019, to torture Dosgamert with another Skunny game, I came back to it for speedruning.

So I updated the game.

Equipped with a Speedrun option and a build-in stopwatch, that automaticly takes your time up to the millisecond, everyone can now easily record their runs with a precise time without any hassle.

New Speedrun features

  • Build-in, automated and precise Stopwatch
  • Cheats and Options disabled
  • ESC brings you directly back to the main menu to start a new Run
  • No annoying music at the start of the game

Download the game

How to run

Just unzip the file and start “Skunny in DOStalgia.exe”.

About the game

The idea of “Skunny in DOStalgia” was born on the 15th of april 2019 when Dosgamert was streaming his “Obscure Platformers”-stream.

He complained about how bad the game “Skunny: Save our Pizzas!” was …

I immediately started to make a new game from scratch.

And since we are a DOS-Gaming-Community, I wanted to have as much (2D) DOS-Gaming related references in it as possible.

And after a month of hard work, while my tomcat was very ill, I managed to get it together and ready.

Short and uncomplete list of references in the game

  • Skunny games (obviously)
  • Biing! – the Intro
  • Apogee and ID games – all over the place
  • Wolfenstein 3D – Story music
  • Indiana Jones – from the fate of Atlantis – taunting you as you enter the level
  • Asterix movies – Part 2 of the level
  • Commander Keen – all over the place
  • Duke Nukem – Pause Menu , 5th floor, Duke1 and 2 stuff
  • Biomenace – Enemies, Secret Room, Snake (Apocalypse Now!)
  • Monkey Island – Guybrush in the Jail
  • Day of the Tentacle – Purple in the Jail
  • Jazz Jack Rabbit – Running away to the forrest
  • Commando C64 – Boss 2 music
  • Giana Sisters C64 – Part 3 music