My fist game: MAFIA 1998

About this game

This is a never finished pre Alpha ripoff of the C64 game Mafia. I wrote this game in 1998 using Turbo Pascal 7.0 in DOS.
Images were drawn with MS Paint in Windows 95.

You can only visit the places highlighted in green, all other places have no code to run and the game will stop. Press B then to exit the game.

And it’s in german. There are no translations.

Download MAFIA 1998

Unzip and run with DOSBOX.

Getting Started

Run MAFIA.EXE in Dosbox.
Hit ESCAPE on the title screen.
Then type in your name and hit enter.
Next screen will be the map.


Once you are on the map, you can use the NumPad for moving. You may have to toggle NumLock off and on again to get controls working.

Use NumPad:

  • 8 – move up
  • 2 – move down
  • 4 – move left
  • 6 – move right

b – Exit the game

Places you can visit


You can gamble there…


You can gamble with weed!
Ambush, Mugging…


Like the Park but with trains.


Blüten Ede does one thing: Duds!


Get waepons!


Get a car to get more/faster moves.
Pretty useless since thins game never went into beta.
But hey! You can steal cars!