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A brief history about the game

Skunny in DOStalgia is a fan-made spoofgame loosely based on the Skunny series, published and released by Copysoft in the 90s.

I made this in the Unity3D engine from scratch, as a community effort of the DOS-gaming community around the Youtuber Dosgamert after this stream:

Development started on April the 15th 2019 and was finished on June, the 24th of 2019.

The game was released on July the 22th in 2019, during this live stream:

Speedrun Update 2021

On April the 17th 2021, I released an update of the game, containing a new speedrun option:

New speedrun features

  • Build-in, automated and precise Stopwatch
  • Cheats and Options disabled
  • ESC brings you directly back to the main menu to start a new Run
  • No annoying music at the start of the game


The game is mostly a simple platformer with one autoscrolling part at the end.

Use the Arrow-keys to go left and right, Space to jump and any Alt-key for your weapons.

Collect (drink) beers to get more abilities and to get through the level.

Short list of references in the game

  • Skunny games (obviously)
  • Biing! – the Intro
  • Apogee and ID games – all over the place
  • Wolfenstein 3D – Story music
  • Indiana Jones – from the fate of Atlantis – taunting you as you enter the level
  • Asterix movies – Part 2 of the level
  • Commander Keen – all over the place
  • Duke Nukem – Pause Menu , 5th floor, Duke1 and 2 stuff
  • Biomenace – Enemies, Secret Room, Snake (Apocalypse Now!)
  • Monkey Island – Guybrush in the Jail
  • Day of the Tentacle – Purple in the Jail
  • Jazz Jack Rabbit – Running away to the forrest
  • Commando C64 – Boss 2 music
  • Giana Sisters C64 – Part 3 music

Additonal Downloads

Download Skunny Sharewarepack

This pack contains all the Skunny shareware games including a preconfigured version of Dosbox. Unzip and start “START SKUNNY.BAT”