NEODOOM is a preconfigured Doom package to give easy access to multiplayer Doom sessions.

It contains Zandronum with Doomseeker, Freedoom, Brutal Doom V21 and some COOP and DM wads.

Getting started

  1. download and unzip NEODOOM to any location on your PC
  2. go into the NEODOOM folder and start NEODOOM.BAT
  3. a firewall window may popup, check boxes for private AND public network and hit the allow access button
  4. Doomseeker will start with a messagebox, that you need to check the config. Hit OK and ignore it, because everything is already configured. 😉
    Close the config window with OK.

Join our Server

Server is currently down.

Start NEODOOM.BAT – Doomseeker will show up…

Join INTRINIAs Hellgate and have fun. 😉