Worms Armageddon Dosgamert Stream on 21.08.2020


Legal copy of Worm Armageddon on V. or V. 3.8
Retail, GOG, Steam…

Update your Game

On Steam you should have the newest 3.8 Version. So all is fine, nothing todo. 😉


Sadly the GOG Version is still on, but you can update it manually with the CD-Patch!

Download und run the 3.8 CD-Update, ignore all the warnings and just install it: https://worms2d.info/files/WA_update-3.8_%5BCD%5D_Installer.exe
After that, go into your Worms Armageddon Install directory and replace your WA.EXE with this one: WA.EXE

And that’s it! The game should run fine now with 3.8.

I’ve done the work for you and changed the byte at hex offset 296712 to 02, which turns it to the GOG-Version. You can read more about it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/worms/comments/hz7hzg/a_solution_to_worms_armageddon_v38_on_gog_still/

Retail Versions:

Just download and install the 3.8 Update and you’re good to go:

Check latest Version here: https://worms2d.info/Updates_(Worms_Armageddon)

Customize your Team

Start the game.
Click on the lower right square (Options).

Click on factory icon to create a new Teem.

Enter your Teamname and the name of your Worms and customize Language and other settings.

When you’re done, go back to main menu.

Join our Server

Start the game and click on LAN or Internet Game in the lower left corner.

Type in your Nickname and then click on the Network Square  on the upper right.

You should be connected to WormsNet now.
Now doubleclick on the #AnythingGoes Channel.

From the next screen you can choose your Server to join.
We’ll host directly as Dosgamert on Friday 21.08.2020 afternoon.