Wolfenstein ET

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is back!

RTCW multiplayer spinoff with objective based missions.

Download the free game

ETLegacy is small (250MB), free, open source and multi platform.

The 2003 released, objective based, coop multiplayer FPS game is back in open Source!

There never was and IMO never will be any game like this!
Simple, free, lightweight coop multiplayer action at its finest!

Join our Server

Server is currently offline.

You can join directly over this link once you installed the game:


Join our Discord to talk with us!

When do we play?

No new date atm.

Getting Started

Download and install, then start the game.
Create new profile ingame, nickname, controls…

Since this is a multipayer only game, you can’t test this game in singleplayer.
You can however create a Listen Server and explore the maps and add bots.

Just joined, what todo?

Once you joined the server you see somthing like this.

press L for the Limbo Menu.

Limbo Menu: 1. choose a side

Limbo Menu: 2. Choose your class

Limbo Menu 3: Hit OK

Now you selected a side and class and will join the battlefield.
You can press L anytime to change side and classes.


ET is like Battlefield mixed with Minecraft and CS:GO.
Depending on the map, you have to defend or attack different Objectives.
Unlike Battlefield, there are no tickets.
The game ends if the time runs out or the Objective is completed.
Most Objectives can be done by an Engineer blowing up stuff with a dynamite.

As an Engineer you can build certain things like a Brigde with your tool.
These spots are marked with building boxes.

But there are also other things you can build/rebuild/repair as an Engineer like this tank in the Fuel Dump map, which is indispensable for this map.

Also there are Command Posts you can build as an Engineer.

These will make your teammates spawn faster and may spend health and ammo.

But all these Buildspots can be destroyed again with dynamite from a foe engineer.

And also disarmed again…

Enough for now, you better play the game yourself. 😉