Train of Destiny – Dev Blog #3

It's been a while, again...

It has been a while since my last update and the reason for that is SUMMER!
It was just to hot, vacation and doing other stuff like gardening…

Now that it’s getting colder again, I’ve started working on Dick again.
But in my usual manner, not with what my roadmap promissed.

Nah, I started to implement completely new stuff!
But hear me out, it makes sense!

So, I wanted to create new scenes.
But for that I wanted to know how gameplay will be.
So I needed a working enemy.
For a working enemy I needed it to say or shout something.
That brought my into a deep rapid hole, which essentially became what I call now the Language-System.

Since I want my game to be multilingual, I needed to my enemy to be able to shout out in different languages. So I checked out Godots solution for this and found it rather disappointing.

So, I decided to create my own, based on a database.
Now was the question, which database?
After a while I just settled down on SQL-Lite, because it’s there, I know SQL and know how to implement stuff like this.

But man, this whole thought process cost me so much time…

Anyways, Dick has a working DB now, even a subtitle system and I’m working to get this running ingame flawlessly at the moment.

But not with a few draw backs, of course.
I noticed that Godot handles filenames case insensitive in the Editor, but case sensitive in builds. After my latest build crashed and didn’t run, I decided to give the whole project a good overhaul.
I’m currently in the process of cleaning it up, current Version is 0.3.5, but after that I will go on making good progress for sure!

So far for now.