Train of Destiny – Dev Blog #2

Oh boi...

It’s been a while since the last update and so much crazy stuff is going on in this world.
Nevertheless, I thought it’s time for an update.


A lot new stuff in the Background

As you can see from the image of this post, a lot has changed.

Let me count that up for you:

  • a nice Nightsky
  • with a Moon
  • with moving clouds
  • with some war effects and sounds in the BG
  • added some wind effects
  • also some enviromental sounds
  • and at the moment 5 freaking Layers of parallexing City and Foreground (and I thing some more to come)
  • also some more stuff behind the scenes

Gameplay wise nothing has changed.

I’m currently working to complete this scene.
But the next thing I do is definetally working on the first enemy.
I need to shot something and it should be fucking satisfying!