Preh MCI 128 – Programmable keyboard

Getting started

  1. Download
  2. Unzip anywhere, run Winprog25.exe
  3. Check “install Driverpack” during installation.
  4. Start WinProgrammer.
  5. Click on File -> Open and choose the intrinia.mwf from the zip file.
  6. Change keylabels by clicking on the key and press F3.
  7. Change key programming by clicking on the key and press F4, or simple doubleclick on key. You can take a look on the bottom right key for an example.
  8. You can upload your changes to the keyboard by clicking File -> “Update Keyboard” or with the Ctrl + D shortcut (keyboard must be connected to your pc ofc).

You can change labels and keys by using a knife as a lever and push the key out. Don’t worry if it pops out completely, you can just stick it back in.